Wednesday, 21 March 2007


amazing gig at the tricycle theatre, kilburn, last sunday. 100% accoustic- no wires, no mics, nada. kw was shitting one, but it was very cool- she did a great show.
neill maccoll came down and guested on a few songs. they've been writing together, so they played a couple of those new ones. kw and dave played one of their new songs as well.
madly, that whole thing is a really radical idea. i love that these shows can't be turned into a massive commercial enterprise. the venue just has to be really small. the tricycle seats about 250- anywhere larger and you just couldn't hear anything. they're putting these gigs on bi-monthly at the moment. go to for details of who's on next / who's been on before. the people are doing it for the love of music. crazily, that's a rarity.

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